while BILL SIMMONS has his silly moments and has become a bit of an ESPN pinata, the real issue with ESPN's coverage of the NBA is the continued and unjustifiable inclusion of CHRIS BROUSSARD, who is an intolerant, unapologetic, unabashed, toxic, neanderthal, retro, avowed, homophobic hater of all things regarding gay… » 6/28/14 10:25am 6/28/14 10:25am

The ESPN debacle shouldn't surprise anyone. ESPN is making poor decisions on a regular basis these days. There was a time when the all-sports network had a stellar reputation. Not anymore. ESPN has done virtually nothing to rectify—or even apologize for—their indefensible defense of NBA analyst Chris Broussard who… » 5/27/14 10:28am 5/27/14 10:28am

good grief, what happened to reilly at the four-letter network? his commentary has become treacle without the brimstone, often utterly incomprehensible, and always insufferable. the only sports essayist at a deeper dante-esque circle than reilly is jim gray. and that is some damn incorrigible, shameful terrain. in… » 9/24/13 11:41am 9/24/13 11:41am